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Why we need your support 

Most nonprofits depend on charitable contributions: the Ridhwan School relies on them to support and enhance the presence of the Diamond Approach teaching in the world. Student dues and fees cover the majority but not all, of the operational expenses of the school, including operational and maintenance expenses of the California and Colorado centers; general administrative costs such as central accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, planning, legal services and other office expenses; and some administration for groups. However, our commitment to maintaining the affordability of the teaching for as many people as possible means we depend on donor generosity to support these operations as well as new programs and initiatives. 

Colorado Recovery Fund

The Colorado Recovery Fund was established to meet immediate, on-the-ground needs for the Colorado Ridhwan community in the wake of the Marshall Fire that destroyed the Ridhwan Center in Boulder on New Year’s Eve 2021. For those interested in helping financially, we have designated a Colorado Recovery Fund on the Friends of Ridhwan donation page. The money collected through this fund will be used to help meet on-the-ground needs, both in the short and long term, to help the community rebuild, and to maintain the availability of the teaching in Colorado, as well as the strong sense of community that has been built there.

Citadel Circle Member 

At the request of many students, we have made it easier to give monthly or quarterly online. Please listen to Laurie Chestnut's short video to find out about all the ways in which recurring online giving can benefit both you and the Ridhwan Foundation. 



What to support 

Please consider making a gift today to:

  • Promote School Health & Sustainability through The General Fund: This fund allows the Ridhwan Foundation to deploy your funds strategically to further the School’s overall mission and vision and fund the ongoing costs of running the worldwide School.
  • Fund the Future: Support the long-term legacy of the teaching through contributions to our endowment fund.
  • Support Key New Initiatives: Funds will go towards new initiatives like IT/Communication infrastructure, outreach to enhance the findability of the teaching, book editing/publishing and other long-term projects.

To make a gift now, please visit the Friends of Ridhwan website donation page, or complete and mail back the Gift Indication Form.

We are grateful to be a part of the Diamond Approach Community with you, and to join you in supporting the School’s capacity to contribute to our individual and collective realization.


With appreciation,


The Friends of Ridhwan board 

Guus Brackel, Vaishai Chadha, Laurie Chestnut, Claus Friedrich, Rob Gussenhoven, Seth Schapiro and Richard Wallstein.


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