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DADC3 2021-01

January 30, 2021
10:00 am - 05:30 pm

Kindness fuels inquiry with the capacity to listen to our experience and to be receptive to the communications from our soul. This allows the soul to be wide open to revelation and unfoldment.   -A. H. Almaas

In this daylong we will explore the value of a supportive orientation in our spiritual journey. Consciously or not, we bring attitudes of rejection, cynicism, doubt and fear to our experience. All of these create unnecessary difficulties on our path. Cultivating kindness and compassion is essential if we want to confront our beliefs, take risks and get to know our deepest nature. Practicing inquiry will challenge strong patterns in our soul, but will also create a ground from which to unfold and realize what we love most.


We are excited to be opening a third group in the DC area. January 30th will be the first of five one-day introductory teachings offered in 2021. These events are open to the public and all are welcome to join us. Each teaching stands alone; there are no prerequisites for attendance.


2021 Schedule

  • April 10
  • June 5
  • September 4
  • October 9
  • December TBA

Due to the pandemic, teaching events will be held online. When it is clearly safe to do so, we will likely hold future meetings in Arlington, VA.
Contact for more information or to register for the upcoming event.

This group will be led by Victoria Young, Leah Chyten  & Vince Draddy. They've each been teaching the Diamond Approach for nearly 20 years, and became students of this work long before that. 
They have led and supported groups in Europe and California, and along the east coast from New England to Atlanta. 



10am - 5:30pm

There will be a 90-minute lunch break at approximately 1pm.


Tuition fee: $100 ($75 if paid by January 15)

For more information and registration, contact Angela at or 804-299-8156.


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