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What is a Diamond Approach Group?

What is a Diamond Approach Group?

The Diamond Approach is the spiritual path of the Ridhwan School. Participating in a Diamond Approach group is the primary way of engaging the Diamond Approach path. 

Groups provide a stable, ongoing community where 50-150 students learn and develop together, often for many years. In this spirit, dedicated teachers help guide group members on their spiritual journey in three formats. This structure creates a strong field of guidance for inner work and provides a supportive environment that helps balance our often-busy lives “in the world."

The three formats of a Diamond Approach group are:

  • Large group sessions: Led by 1-4 teachers, these sessions include a teaching, a meditation period, inquiry exercises with your fellow group members, and an opportunity to ask questions and explore your experience with the group’s teacher(s). All our groups meet for large group sessions either on weekends 6-11 times per year or for week-long retreats 1-2 times per year. 
  • Small group sessions: These are subgroups of the whole group, each bringing together 15-20 consistent students. Small groups are another layer of support that can take students more deeply into the immediacy of their individual experience without the structure of a specific teaching. It is simply about where you are now, in this moment. The frequency of these meetings differs between groups. Within this shared field, students get to experience and know each other in more true and meaningful ways.
  • One-on-one sessions: The steady, individual support offered through private sessions is considered “the heart” of our inner work and essential for helping students reconnect with their authentic nature. Sessions are specifically tailored to a student’s particular needs and level of development. They are designed to help students navigate their individual experience to reveal the underlying meaning and depth of that experience. Sessions take place once a month or every other week depending on the student’s needs and schedule. 

Our global list of open groups is below. We’ll ask you to fill out an application to explore if joining an ongoing group at this time is a good fit. We look forward to supporting you on your journey! 

Open Groups

To apply to a group, select the group you wish to join. Next, reach out to the group’s teachers to express your interest. If you have the ability to travel, you can join any group you can travel to. If you don’t see a group in your area, please join our interest list to be contacted when a new group opens in your region. 

Group Name Frequency Location Language
Diamond Approach Weekend Group Frankfurt 4 weekends and 1 retreat a year Frankfurt, Germany German
Diamond Heart United Kingdom 4 weekends a year London, United Kingdom English

Diamond Heart Europe 4

2 seven-day retreats a year Seefeld, Northern Germany English
Australia/New Zealand      
Diamond Approach Australia 3 times a year Sydney, Australia English

Diamond Approach New Zealand 2

3 mini retreats per year Auckland, New Zealand English
United States      
Diamond Approach Amherst 4-5 times a year Amherst, MA English
Midwest Diamond Approach 4 4 times a year Williard, WI English
Colorado Diamond Heart 10 6 times a year Boulder, CO English
Gulf Coast Diamond Approach 5 4-5 times a year Houston and Dallas, TX English
Hawaii Diamond Approach 4 3-4 times a year Maui, HI English
Diamond Approach Philadelphia 2 4 times a year Philadelphia, PA English
Diamond Approach Arizona 4 times a year Prescott and Phoenix, AZ English
Diamond Approach Florida 3 times a year, online in-between Tampa, FL English

New York Area Diamond Approach

6 weekends a year New York, NY English

Diamond Approach Ottawa Montreal

4 times a year Ottawa, ON English
Diamond Approach Asia
2 times a year for 7 days
with an option to attend
5 days for the second retreat
Chaing Mai, Thailand English
South Africa      
Diamond Approach Africa 5 weekends a year Cape Town and Johannesburg English

Join the New Group Interest List

If there is not an open group near you, here are additional options:

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