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A. H. Almaas

Founder of the Diamond Approach
to Self-Realization


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Love in Its Boundless Dimension with A.H. Almaas and Tami Simon

July 23, 2023

“A.H. Almaas is someone I look to as a guide, a way shower. To say it plainly, I see him as a type of spiritual genius.” Tami Simon


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A. H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali, founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a contemporary teaching that developed within the context of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychology theories. Almaas has authored eighteen books about spiritual realization, including the Diamond Heart series, The Pearl Beyond Price, The Void, and The Alchemy of Freedom.

He is the founder of the Ridhwan School for Spiritual Development, an inner work school devoted to the realization of True Nature. The orientation of the school is directed toward guiding students to realize their true nature to the fullest realization and further still to endless enlightenment.

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When essence is ignited, our process and the experience of our illumination has reached a point where it is spontaneously free—spontaneously effulging in a way in which it continues to open up and to open up further and to reveal and illuminate in different ways both itself and whatever is happening. We can see these illuminations hierarchically, as we do in the first and second turnings. And it is true that as we experience true nature more fully, these illuminations can seem like deeper or subtler or simpler dimensions of true nature.

This is an interesting kind of realization that doesn’t depend on realizing any specific dimension of reality, like awareness or presence or love. This is a realization beyond duality and nonduality. But the word “beyond” isn’t quite accurate when we refer to the kinds of realization that happen in the fourth turning of the teaching, because that word connotes hierarchy.

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