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Ridhwan teachers are the wisdom-keepers of the spiritual path called the Diamond Approach. Because the Diamond Approach offers an immense and precise body of knowledge about the nature of reality and the process of spiritual realization, the teachers go through extensive seminary training before becoming qualified to teach and are subsequently under the guidance of veteran teachers as they gain experience.

The role of the teacher is primarily to hold an open space in which the student can explore their personal experience, without taking a position about the direction or value of what is arising. The teachers are skilled at asking penetrating questions that invite deeper awareness and understanding for the student and aid in the recognition and integration of their inner capacities and qualities. Over time, this process supports students to become more grounded in their truth, whatever it is, and to learn to trust the wisdom of their own process as they open to a larger reality. Working with a Ridhwan teacher can lead to an organic actualization of our human potential and the awakening of the transcendent—a process of liberation rich with endless discovery and development. Ridhwan teachers dedicate their lives to this discovery, development, and liberation.

You can learn more about individual Ridhwan teachers—their history, experience, and how they came to this path—through the links below.


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