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Diamond Approach Groups

Diamond Approach Groups

Diamond Approach Groups are the primary vehicle for engaging the Diamond Approach and the Ridhwan School. Diamond Heart Groups are Academy programs.

Groups are created to form a stable, committed, supportive community sharing the same development of the teaching. Most groups, once established, are open-ended in their duration, continuing for 10, 15, 20, or more years.

Participation in a group demands a significant commitment of time and energy. Facilitated by committed teachers, the strong container provided by ongoing involvement supports and guides a student’s spiritual journey. All groups meet for between 15 and 22 meeting days a year, each day consisting of roughly six hours of group time. Meetings may be over two-day weekends, three- or four-day events, or five- to eight-day retreats. Diamond Approach groups generally have between 50 and 150 members and one to four teachers.

Diamond Approach groups use three formats. In large group the teaching is presented in conjunction with meditation, inquiry exercises in groups of two or more, and post-exercise questions and comments. Small group sessions of 15–20 students occur during residential retreats or between meetings for a weekend group. Here, students support their inquiry practice with the guidance of a teacher. One-on-one sessions with a teacher, providing ongoing support for deepening a student’s process, is the third format. These three contexts provide a strong field of guidance for inner work and a holding that helps balance the constant, outer orientation of modern society.

Because of the significant commitment required of a student, we want to make sure that joining the school is appropriate. At some point, we will ask you to fill out an application to help us determine whether this kind of work matches what you are looking for. If it does, the commitment is open-ended and ongoing. You are welcome to leave at any time you find your inner process taking you in a different direction. 

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